James Geddes
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Written by Will Foster

I got to know James Geddes while I was in prison in Oklahoma.  James is one of the nicest individualsJames, right, with hsi mother and brother. you could ever have the privilege of knowing.  It was an honor to meet someone who felt like I did and had no regrets going to jury trial even though he will spend the next 90 years in prison.  It is a sad day in America when a person is incarcerated for something that they did not do and then to be further punished for standing up for your rights in asking for a jury trial.  That is what happened in James Geddes' case. 

James' sentence is a common practice in the Oklahoma Criminal Justice System in where individuals often receive a life sentence when going to jury trial.  I know this first hand I received a 93-year sentence for cultivation in Oklahoma.  The only reason I writing this web page in James's behalf is because of the public pressure that was displayed because of my incarceration.  Unfortunately James did not have the public support that I did.  James is one of the forgotten victims serving time in America's Prisons'.  Below is James Geddes’s story, be ready for a shock. 

In 1992, James Geddes was walking along a street with a friend when he got arrested. The police got a search warrant and went to the home rented by his friend. They found a small amount of marijuana, paraphernalia for smoking marijuana, and five plants growing in their vegetable garden.
James did not live at this house where the marijuana was being grown at, but he was a frequent visitor.  Because of his visits to his friends’ house he was charged with Constructive Possession and Cultivation. James refused to plea bargain as he claimed his innocence and was sentenced to 75 years and one day for cultivation of five plants and to another 75 years, plus one day for possession of marijuana. He was also charged with possession of a firearm and paraphernalia.

James filed an appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeals, maintaining his innocence on his guilty conviction.  In 1995, the court found in favor of James and reduced his sentence to 90 years.  Even if James was guilty of growing 5 marijuana plants he does not deserve 90 years in prison.
James as of July 23rd 2001 has been incarcerated by the State of Oklahoma for 9 years.  He will be eligible for parole on his first 45-year sentence in October 2001.  We need to have letter's written in James behalf to the Oklahoma pardon and parole board.  If we can get James paroled he will be eligible for parole again in 4 years.   So please write letters in James's behalf.  If we don't make sure our marijuana prisoners are supported who will?  It's up to us.

James Own Words:
"I honestly feel like I have been kidnapped by the state of Oklahoma. I have never murdered anyone, raped anyone, or hurt any children. People feel they have the right to choose their sexual preference. If they want to end a life by abortion, if they want to inject nicotine into their lungs, if they want to drug themselves with alcohol, but because I choose to smoke a little marijuana, I have to go to prison for years, maybe the rest of my life... "How can it be that the President, his wife, the Vice President and his wife, the mayor of Washington DC, even the Speaker of the House can do these things, but I must pay dearly?"

Thank you for your time in reading this story.  This is happening all over America as you were reading this page.  It is time to end this madness against the American Marijuana Smoker.  We are not criminals and we have to support our prisoners’, letting America know that enough is enough. 
Thank you,
Will Foster

For those of you who didn't know James Geddes 45 year sentence was reduced to 5 years.  We can expect James to be release by Aug 2004. If show's that public support can make a change.  Thank you for all your letters in James behalf, they do indeed make a difference.


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