This is to update you on Dennis Hunter's court date.

Judge Chesney
9:00 AM
Federal Court House in San Francisco.

You can have letter's faxed to Tony's office at 415 421-1331 to the attention of Alex.  Letters should not be political! We honestly don't know how to keep it apolitical, can't be helped but let's try.
This will be the appeal hearing of Dennis being granted bail 2 weeks ago.  Let's see if we can get people to be at the courthouse. Tony should be the lead attorney at this hearing, so this could be of benefit to Dennis.
Webmasters Note: Dennis Hunter bail was rescinded by Judge Chesney on July 11, 2002.  This further shows the excess of our federal government in it's efforts to squash the medical marijuana movement in California by shutting down the larger Compassion Clubs/caregivers and charging them criminally.  The voters of California have accepted and approved of this method of medical marijuana access.  We will keep you update on any new information.  Thank you for you support.

James Geddes needs letters written in his behalf.  Please visit James’s home page and see the travesty of justice that has been issued in the State Of Oklahoma.  Then write the necessary letter to the Oklahoma Parole Board Members.  Ask that they parole James on this 45-year sentence and to commute his last 45-year sentence.  WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO ALLOW THIS TYPE OF INJUSTICE TO HAPPEN IN AMERICA. STAND UP AND BE HEARD. (Webmasters note: James was paroled to his next 45 year sentence and is currently incarcerated......I have a problem figuring that out.)
UPDATE: For those of you who didn't know James Geddes 45 year sentence was reduced to 5 years.  We can expect James to be release by Aug 2004. It proves that public support can make a change.  Thank you for all your letters in James behalf, they do indeed make a difference.

Roy Sharpnack will be going to trial on Oct. 15, 2001. This man could be serving the next 40 years in prison for growing Medical Marijuana.  See the Story of Injustice on the facts of the case.  Please write Roy showing your support in his plight against an unjust government and it laws imposed on its’ citizens.

Jake Sink will be going to a Federal Penitentiary on Oct. 25, 2001, we need to write Jake and tell him that we support him and await his release from prison. We can no longer turn our backs to our prisoners of war (see Story of Injustice).

It is high time that we write our representatives and voice our oppositions to incarcerating our friends and neighbors. The majority of which are decent regular hard working people, Carpenters, Attorneys, Plumbers and Doctors with familes who depend on them for love and support. Isn't it REALLY time to put an end to this injustice of locking away Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fathers, anyone who uses a harmless, (for adults only), HERB, as their personal freedom of choice instead of alcohol or hard drugs even Tobacco which kill about 475,000 Americans every year Please help in Puttingand end to the drug war now by your involvement in an organization such as NORML or MPP, just to name a couple of my favorites who make waves and make changes in our current system.

Todd McCormick needs to here from you.  Write Todd and show your support.  To our Marijuana Prisoners Of War, it is so important to hear from the outside.  It is proven that after 3 years of incarceration, 90% of all prisoners no longer have any contact with family members or friends.  We cannot forget our Prisoners of War, write them and let them know there are people who care.

Patrick Elmore is getting ready to go to trial in Maryland on November 28th and 29th in Calvert County.  We need to show our support in Patrick’s courageous battle with the State of Maryland.  Patrick is a Medical Marijuana user who suffers from “Cluster Migraine Headaches”.  Patrick was busted with 42 marijuana plants on an indoor grow.  Patrick is looking at 27 years in a state penitentiary.  Are we going continue to allow the prison industrial complex to grow with patients?  It is time to send our elected officials a message in that “We will no longer allow you to lock up medical marijuana patients.”  Please help Patrick in his struggle to “Free The Medicine” in Maryland. 

Thank you for your interest in Adopt.  We will continue to change and add to this page as we become aware of individual plights around the United States. Please join a Pro Marijuana Organization.  Adopt has provided a large list to review.  It is up to us to supply the funds necessary to ending this “WAR AGAINST OUR PEOPLE”. 


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