Will, thank you so much.  And James, thank you too! You give us hope. Here is an answer to your questions. Yes, we both have very debilitating medical conditions.  I have been treated for chronic pain from a neck injury for the past three years.  Ben has had neck surgery for arthritis, also knee surgery.  He has nerve damage in both his feet from diabetes. We do both have lots of medical problems with documentation.  BUT, we have never spoken to our doctors about marijuana. Is this a problem?

No, the police didn't have a search warrant. Here's a quick story of what happened. We had just rented a place. While we were gone, the landlady came over and went in our house, supposedly to retrieve a bread board.  She found a marijuana pipe. She called the police, FROM OUR PHONE! She was in the house when we returned. She refused to get out of our living room.  I threatened her with the police, but she said they were already on their way. I assumed they would remove this crazy old woman from our home.  WRONG! They ended up arresting Ben. They said I invited them in.  They saw marijuana plants while in our house. The plants were little baby starts. About 2 weeks old. They placed Ben under arrest, found another pipe in his pocket. They put him in the back of the police car, made me sit in the living room, and told me to "shut up!" They proceeded to search our home.

A dog was brought in. It supposedly found the 3 large plants in a locked shed. They convinced me to unlock the shed, saying it would help us a lot if we cooperated. I was so scared, I didn't know what to do. I have never had any contact with law enforcement, neither has Ben. Well, that's where we are at. Ben got a letter from the DA saying that the grand jury had indicted him on a class A felony, (same a murder) and a class B felony, (same as robbery). The old crazy landlady had a chance to be "examined" by the grand jury. We don't know what she said, but are certain she did not tell the truth. Ben had an arraignment on July 30. He goes to court for pleading on Sept. 4th.

We don't have a lot of money. Ben receives social security disability and I am on temp. workmans comp. Anyway, that's our story. If you want to call us collect, please do: (XXX) YYY-ZZZZ) We are just sick about this whole thing. We had no idea it was a felony to grow, or we wouldn't have done it. We are from northern California. We assumed the laws were basically the same in Oregon. Thanks again for your offer of help, you are an angel. 
Peace, Ben and Pamela

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