Just Another Good Citizen taken Prisoner by our Governments' War! - Visit Our Sponsor Here

Check for a Green Prisoner of War, possibly in your area, but not necessarily, that needs immediate action on their case. It is up to all US citizens to stop this insanity imposed on the American People called the War On Drugs NOT just the so-called reformers.

If "We the People," don’t free our political prisoners of war then who will?
Our elected Officials surely will not do what's right,
so it has been placed upon us to do what is right, which is,

WHy Marijuana Should be legal was written by Ed and Steve Kubby. Please donate what you can to help in Ed's defense. We cannot continue to allow our friends and neighbors to be imprisoned for a simple weed!

If you are a medical marijuana user and has been recently arrested or, "busted," please contact us so that we can refer your case to an expert witness or attorney who can give their advice to an Adopt referral.

We care what happens to you in the criminal justice system contrary to belief. By contacting us you are in no way obligated in the use of our services, by the way, they are free. It's just a second opinion,
It's your life you make the choice!

Adopt cares about all marijuana offenders and will offer any legal or expert witness advice to those unfortunate individuals as well. Adopt knows that a marijuana offenders place in society is not Prison. Adopt will assist and offer support to any marijuana offender. Just let us know who you are so that we can add you to our constantly growing database of currently serving and  sadly future GREEN Prisoners of this War on a segment of the american population, who as an Adult, choose to use a natural herb instead of chemicals or alcohol.

Do you think Americas Drug War is a failure? If so Adopt needs individuals to volunteer to help free our "GREEN" Drug War Prisoners.  Please view the mission statement and if you have 2 to 3 hours a week that you can spare or volunteer, please submit the volunteer form for approval.

Check out upcoming events representing drug reform in America. If any of these events are in your area please attended and give your support. This is one of the many requirements in ending the War On Drugs. Don't leave it to the other person, JUST DO IT!
The Drug Reform movement is under funded tremendously. One way to raise needed money is to join an Organization. The money collected from memberships are used to support programs used to stop the continuing escalation of the Drug War in America.

The Drug Reform Organizations need money to continue our fight against the Drug Warriors occupying our Nations and States Capitols.  The current War On Drugs budget is 20 Billion Dollars annually.

Our Drug Reform Organizations have a total budget of less that 3 to 4 million annually, but we are still gaining progress. Why is that when the Warriors have an endless supply of money?  Because the War on Drugs is wrong and the people know it.

Adopt will provide a list of Organizations that use their money in ending the current War On Drugs that is Destroying America.  Please Join and Support one or more of the Drug Reform Organizations, It's the only way we can win.

Adopt was founded by Will Foster a former victim of the War On Drugs and Medical Marijuana Patient.  Adopt's goals are to stop marijuana prisoners from going to prison in the first place and to ensure the release of all marijuana prisoners currently incarcerated in America's prisons.  I personally know that a marijuana prisoner is often a forgotten casualty of America's War On Drugs. Adopt will not let these individuals be forgotten with the help of its volunteers.  So please read our mission statement and become an Adopt volunteer and help in stopping, “Americas War On Its OWN Citizens”.

Thank you, for your interest in Adopt.
Will Foster
Adopt A Green Prisoner Project
P.O. Box 12063
Oakland, Ca.  94604


ASK ED? Marijuana Law You need to know to protect yourself!

"The New Jersey Weedman"

Back in Jail for Violating Intensive Supervised Release
For exercising his 1st amendment right to Free Speech by exposing the truth of PERPETUAL Government Lies Concerning Cannabis and producing anti-drug war television commercials!
Ed has been telling the truth of the MEDICINAL AND SACRAMENTAL PROPERTIES of MARIJUANA!
Ed Needs our Support



WE SUPPORT NORML! One of the first reform organizations, if not the first, to change the 1930's era's thinking of the government!


Contact: Will Foster

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