*Adopt will only put the marijuana user/defendant in contact with the necessary expert witnesses.  All arrangements of testifying, travel, lodging and meals will be made between the expert witness, the marijuana user/defendant legal counsel and/or the marijuana user/defendant.  Adopt at no time will be responsible for any of the cost incurred prior to trial, during trial or at anytime thereafter.
Adopt is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assemble volunteers who will adopt a marijuana prisoner currently serving time in prison. The reason for this project is to bring out individuals who have been convicted of non-violent marijuana offense and who are currently serving outrageous amounts of prison time for a victimless and consensual crime.  Out goal is to compile a list of volunteers who will virtually adopt these individuals.  Adopt does not want your money, all we want is your time to work on freeing a marijuana prisoner. We would just require about 2 to 3 hours of a volunteers time per week, in which you would write the prisoner, your congressman, the governor, numerous newspapers throughout the state to bring out the facts of the prisoner's incarceration and when the prisoner will be eligible for parole.  In return we would offer support for mass mailing of letters to the correct public official upon the volunteers request, helping promote the prisoner in the national new media and coordinating a joint effort with other organizations attention to prisoners issues at hand.

Adopt feels that if a prisoner is assigned a case worker, pre se, (the volunteer), to manage his case, (i.e. letters to officials, newspapers, etc.) then that prisoner would get the necessary attention needed to promote the injustice of the prisoners incarceration publicly. In bringing more and more of these draconian sentences to the forefront of pubic attention substantiates our claim that the, “Drug War is a Failure,” besides the prisoners need to know that people do care about the injustice meted upon them. This will help because I at one time had a 93 year sentence and through public awareness I only served 4 ½ years before being released and the only thing that kept my sanity was knowing that people really did care about me and my plight.  I know first hand that this approach will work in getting our loved ones released from prison with as sound of mind as possible after such a horrible experience.

We will post a list of PODW as the cases become available to Adopt. You can review a marijuana prisoner and the circumstances of his or her case, at that time if you would like to adopt a marijuana prisoner that you have read about all you need to do is fill out and submit the volunteer form to Adopt. Adopt upon reviewing your application will notify you of your acceptance and/or denial into the Adopt Project. We reserve the right to refuse a volunteer. We feel that the prisoners life and liberty is worth more than just letting anyone handle their promotion in the public eye. We can use volunteers in several other areas also, which we will post, from time to time. It is up to, “WE the PEOPLE,” to stop this injustice that has been bestowed upon our loved ones, who are incarcerated, in a hellish atmosphere, for a supposed crime that simply does not make sense. It is Ignorance and Racism at its worst.

Adopt will offer a wide range of other services to the accused marijuana offender. We will offer a defense strategy service.  We know that funds can be a problem when you have been busted. We have compiled and will continue to collect a list of attorneys and expert witnesses who will offer their advice free of charge via the internet. If the accused marijuana offender goes to trial we will help arrange the necessary expert witnesses to offer a solid and sound defense.* 

It is your freedom that you will be fighting for, sometimes it's best to get a second opinion when your liberty is at stake.  Just click the Legal Advice button on the home page to construct an e-mail to the expert's. In addition if an accused marijuana offender that we represent ends up in prison, we will already have the information to start publicly presenting the injustice of a new green prisoner, just beginning his or her taste of hell on Earth.

Adopt is totally a non-profit organization that would be ashamed to personally gain from anothers misery, as so many of our elected officials do every day they are in office.  Adopt was founded by Will Foster and James Dawson supporting the release of ALL GREEN prisoners.  Thank you for your time and interest in this critical project. 
Will Foster

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