Green Prisoners and Future Casualties of the War on Drugs , 
Ruined Lives, Broken Homes, and the Racist Mindset of our government.
It Must End Soon!
James Geddes and Family

James Geddes.(r) Shown with his Mother and Brother is currently Serving 125 years in Prison reduced by appeal to 90 years for Cultivation & Possession of 5 Marijuana Plants. He is now serving two 45 year sentences that are running consecutively, which means that if he is paroled it will be to the second 45 year term. James is currently in an Oklahoma prison.
Todd with Bill Maher

Todd McCormick, Shown here with Bill Moyer was arrested along with writer Peter McWilliams (now deceased, murdered by the system and Judge King), and Renee Boje, presently seeking refugee status in Canada, along with several others (who I can't remember at this time), in the infamous Bel-Aire Mansion Raid. Todd was writing a book on how to grow Medical Marijuana atttempting to develop strains for different ailments. He was convicted of conspiring to grow, which leaves him the option of an appeal. Todd is serving a 5 year sentence at the Federal prison at Terminal Island, CA
Patrick surrounded by His Family
Patrick is a free man. He accepted a very good plea agreement and will not have a felony record if he completes his probation.

Patrick Elmore is a 54 year old, distinguished, and decorated retired Naval Officer with a long history of severe migraine headaches.  He was successfully controlling his condition with the fruits of his personal cannabis garden and has invoked the wrath of the Calvert County, Maryland State's Attorney.  Now they want to put him in prison. We can't let that happen. He has served his country faithfully, now look what the government wants to give him as thanks for a job well done.
 Gary Brooks Wade
Gary was released sometime this past month from the Florida Prison in which he was incarcerated. Specifics posted asap.

Gary Wade, a Federal Marijuana prisoner busted for smuggling marijuana in Brevard County Florida. Gary was traded to the state of Florida in some convuluted scheme during the Mariel Boatlift when Castro sent so many prisoners here. Gary was a model prisoner while in Federal custody but since his arrival at Starke Florida Prison he has been in the hole several times for writing storiesto the media about the goings on behind the razor wire. Gary is a writer and wrote an Op-ed to the Miami Herald about the truth of the murder of Death Row inmate Frank Valdez.
Why then is he doing time in Florida's toughest prison, if he is a federal inmate?

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