All letters going to the parole board members for JAMES GEDDES need to have the following information included with them. 

      James Geddes DOC # 213139 
      October 2001 
      Parole Recommendation 

This information above must be in every letter sent to the parole board members. There are five-parole board members in the State of Oklahoma. Each member will need to get a letter on Jame's behalf.

These folks are THE Oklahoma Parole Board. Please be tactful and straightforward with them and not say anything to piss them off. James has already served enough time for growing five measly marijuana plants. It is a sin and a shame and when Judgement day comes, the judge that sentenced him to such a miserable existence will surely get what is coming to him, for eternity!

Ms. Susan Bussey
P.O. Box 636
Norman, Ok. 73070

Mr. Currie Ballard
P.O. Box 607
Langston, Ok. 73050-0607

Mr. Flint Breckinridge
2010 Utica Square
Suite 403
Tulsa, Ok. 74114-1635

Mr. Patrick Morgan
P.O. Box 361
Arcadia, Ok. 73007

Ms. Stephanie Chappelle
P.O. Box 1945
Tulsa, Ok. 74101-1945

Please express that all letters must me tactful.  No extreme stuff in the letters about legalization, etc.  I picture a letter more like excessive sentence for the crime, humanities, and so forth.  I can thank you enough for you help.  James would also like to extent his thanks for your help also; I talk to James on the phone and through letters.  For contact¬ís you can list,

Norma Sapp at (405) 321-4619
800 SE 180th,
Norman, Ok. 73026 or 

Will Foster at (510) 533-0605. 
Remember all letters must be sent by the end of Aug 2001.

Contact: Will Foster

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